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Mar 17, 2023

Introducing Family of Quad N-channels

LINEAR INTEGRATED SYSTEMS announces the immediate availability of SD5400 / SD5000 Family of Quad N-channel Enhancement Mode Lateral DMOS Analog Switches, specifically designed for high speed switching applications. These ultra-fast switches offer improved accuracy, speed and throughput, with less glitching or distortion than JFETs or multiplexers.  Designed for high frequency RF operation, they provide switching speeds of 1ns with the unique combination of 70ohms "ON" resistance, and a reverse transfer capacitance of .5 pf.  A maximum threshold of 1.5 volts permits simple TTL and CMOS driving for small signal applications.

The SD5400 / SD5000 can switch analog signals up to +/- 10 volts, while the SD5401 / SD5001 can switch signals up to +/- 5 volts.  All versions have gate ESD protection zener diodes.

The surface mount versions SD5400 / SD5401 are available in a 14 and 16 pin narrow body SOIC packages.  The thru-hole versions SD5000N / SD5001N are available in a 16 pin DIP package.  All package types are available with special electrical selection, including bare die form.

Summary of Features:

  • High Speed Switching (td (ON) / (OFF) = 1ns max)

  • Ultra Low Reverse Capacitance (Crss = 0.5 pF max)

  • Low Turn-On Threshold Voltage (Vgs(th) = 1.5V max)

  • Switches Analog Signals up to +/- 10 volts

  • CMOS and TTL Compatible

  • Second Source replacement for Calogic and Siliconix SD5400 / SD5000 Families

  • Available in Surface Mount SOIC-14,16 pin, PDIP-16 Packages, and Bare Die


ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) Analog Switch, Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters, Laser Drivers, Medical Imaging, Multiplexer, Sample and Hold, Switch Driver and Vision Systems

Delivery: Factory Stock


Linear Integrated Systems

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