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Linear Systems provides a wide range of detailed data books, product selection guides, cross references, datasheets, original application notes, white papers and links to related books and articles. This literature – the most comprehensive in the small-signal discrete semiconductor industry – provides designers with many tools to assist them in creating optimal signal chains.

Linear Systems provides detailed datasheets summarizing our components’ performance in ways to assist designers seeking to find the right part quickly. Our data sheets include typical/minimum/maximum performance data, along with an array of curves illustrating part performance so designers understand how these devices will contribute to overall system performance. 

Linear Systems has a wide range of application notes written by top industry professionals to assist designers in making optimal use of our components in their products.

Our Comprehensive Product Selection Guide provides a fast and easy way for designers to compare the relative characteristics of our JFETs, bipolar transistors and other products to assist them in selecting the component best suited to their design requirements.

Books and articles related to small-signal discrete circuit design are linked here to provide additional resources.

Linear Systems continues to produce a wide range of JFET, DMOS and other standard products also previously manufactured by Siliconix, Fairchild and other companies. This cross reference provides buyers with a tool to quickly find replacements for discontinued standard products.

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