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Millions of Devices in Stock!

Laura Madonna

Mar 17, 2023

LS844 monolithic dual small-signal JFET, 3N163 small-signal MOSFET, LS320 BiFET and many more!

FREMONT, Calif., Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Linear Systems, a world class producer of ultra low noise JFETS and other small-signal discrete semiconductors, has announced the large-scale availability of five of its world-class components.

These parts – which range from low-noise monolithic dual JFETs to small-signal MOSFETs – are available in wafer form in quantities ranging from one million to ten million for immediate packaging and shipment. "All these parts meet our industry-leading datasheet specifications," said Linear Systems President Timothy McCune. "We've been aggressive in the past in building up substantial buffer stocks of wafers, and this enables us to provide these quantities of parts now."

"We've been aggressive building up substantial buffer stocks of wafers for five world-class components to ship now."

Parts available from Linear Systems for shipment after packaging in quantities over a million include: 1) the LS844 monolithic dual small signal JFET, with one million dice in wafer form in stock; 2) the 3N163 small-signal MOSFET, with three million dice in wafer form in stock; 3) the LS320 BiFET, with 1.3 million dice in wafer form in stock; 4) the LS/2N4391 N-channel JFET Series, with 2.5 million dice in wafer form in stock; 5) the LS/2N4117 N-channel JFET Series, with 14.3 million dice in wafer form in stock. These parts are also available in bare die and sorted wafer form.

The LS844 monolithic dual, small-signal, low-drift N-channel JFET is a low-noise front-end amplifier with high Common Mode Rejection Ratio and excellent matching over a wide range of temperatures. Download Data Sheet.

The 3N163 is a small-signal MOSFET used in sensor applications ranging from gas detection to piezo devices. Linear Systems' 3N163s typically have half the noise of those made by other companies. Download Data Sheet.

The LS320 Single, Monolithic high Input Impedance, BiFET Amplifier is a direct replacement for Amperex equivalent part. It is ideal for High Impedance Sense Amplifier Applications. Download Data Sheet.

The 2N/PN/SST4391 Series Single, Low Noise, N-Channel JFET Switch is a direct replacement for the Siliconix-Vishay equivalent part. It is ideal for Low Noise, High Gain, Low resistance Switching and Amplifier Applications. Download Data Sheet.

The 2N/PN/SST4117A Series Single, Low Capacitance, Ultra High Input Impedance, N-Channel JFET Amplifier is a direct replacement for the Fairchild, NXP, and Siliconix-Vishay equivalent part. It is ideal for High Input Impedance Application. Download Data Sheet.

Aside from million-plus parts inventories, Linear Systems keeps on hand significant quantities of all its parts, including its industry sector-leading LSK389 monolithic dual N-channel ultra-low-noise JFET.

About Linear Integrated Systems:

Linear Systems is a designer, manufacturer and seller of precision, high-performance, small-signal discrete semiconductors. A Silicon Valley company founded in 1987, it produces ultra-low-noise, monolithic dual and single JFETs and bipolar transistors, along with high-speed DMOS switches, small-signal MOSFETs, ultra-low leakage diodes and BiFET amplifiers. These parts have been designed into world-class products in the areas of: Test & Measurement, Audio, Scientific Optical, Military Sensor; Hydrophone/Sonobuoys; Industrial Controls; and Hybrids.

For these and other parts, download Linear Systems' Product Selection Guide and Linear Systems' Databook.

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