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Military Sensors White Paper

Mar 17, 2023

Linear Systems' White Paper Describes Lowest Noise Amplification for Sensor Signal Chains

FREMONT, Calif., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Linear Systems, a world class producer of ultra low noise JFETS and semiconductors, has released an application note on creating low-noise signal chains for military sensors. 

The paper, "Military Higher-Performance Sensor Signal Chains," offers engineers solutions using ultra-low-noise discrete components added to an IC-based circuit to produce the better-performing signal chains in sensitive applications.

 Included are key applications with reference designs such as: Piezoelectric Element Preamps; Hydrophones; Accelerometers; Photodiode Preamps; and other types of sensors where discrete components are uniquely capable of performing critical initial amplification of sensor signals. 

"Better sensor systems enable earlier threat detection and more effective countermeasures, " Linear Systems President Tim McCune said.  "Our ultra-low-noise JFETS enable designers to build more sensitivity and capability into their sensor systems. This improved capability translates directly into greater value to the end users of these sensors."

Linear Systems is a designer, manufacturer and seller of precision, high-performance, small-signal discrete semiconductors. A Silicon Valley company founded in 1987, it produces ultra-low-noise, monolithic dual and single JFETs and bipolar transistors, along with high-speed DMOS switches, small-signal MOSFETs, ultra-low leakage diodes and BiFET amplifiers. These parts have been designed into world-class products in the areas of: Test & Measurement, Audio, Scientific Optical, Military Sensor; Industrial Controls; and Hybrids. 

The White Paper can be downloaded at:

High-Performance Military Sensor Signal Chains

Data sheets, applications notes, SPICE models and other information can be downloaded at

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