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LS26VPS/VNS Press Release

Mar 17, 2023

New JFET Voltage-Controlled Resistors

LS26VPS/VNS Press Release



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Links below:

LS26VNS Datasheet


LS26VPS Datasheet


Voltage Controlled Resistor Application Note

Voltage Controlled Resistor Image

“Build lower-voltage, lower-power circuits using Linear Systems' industry-leading voltage-controlled resistors.”

Linear Systems has expanded its family of JFET Voltage-Controlled Resistors (VCRs) for reduced-power circuits over IC-based devices. Two new additions to the JFET Voltage-Controlled Resistor Family include the LS26VNS, a Single N-Channel JFET VCR, and the LS26VPS, a Single P-Channel JFET VCR. Both the N and P-channel versions are made from the same die geometry, making them complimentary. They are in addition to the existing VCR11N, Dual N-Channel. The advantages of using VCRs for voltage-controlled amplifier or voltage-controlled gain systems include:


  • VCR-based devices operate with lower voltage and power consumption, enabling battery-powered systems to last significantly longer.

  • VCR JFETs can be used with low power op amps to provide a low power solution for voltage-controlled gain systems.

  • With low voltage op amps such as the LMV358 or TLC272, VCR JFETs are used to perform voltage-controlled gain at extremely low supply voltages such as +/- 2 volts, + 5 volts and even down to a single 3.3 volt power supply. Circuits can be designed for very low power consumption when low voltage, low power op amps are included with the JFET VCRs. One example would be to include using an LSK389A as a VCR for these low voltage circuits.

  • The matched pair JFET VCRs (VCR11N or LSK389A) can provide two identical channels of voltage-controlled gain where the control voltage tracks for both channels. This can be used in a stereo audio signal attenuator.

  • Typical active voltage-controlled amplifiers drain more current and require higher minimum power supply voltages needing at least +/- 4 volts for a specialized voltage control amplifier integrated circuit.

  • P-Channel JFETs including a J177 can be designed as a VCR circuit with a single a power supply. For example, the P-Channel JFET VCR circuit is ideal with positive supply voltages since it’s control voltage to the gate is also a positive voltage.


The LS26VNS N-Channel Single JFET VCR has a drain-source resistance that is controlled by a DC bias voltage (VGS) applied to a high impedance gate terminal. Minimum RDS of 14 Ω occurs when VGS = -1.0V. As VGS approaches the pinch-off voltage of -6.0V RDS rapidly increases to the maximum value or RDS = 38 Ω.


The LS26VPS P-Channel Single JFET voltage-controlled resistor has a drain-source resistance that is controlled by a DC bias voltage (VGS) applied to a high impedance gate terminal. Minimum RDS of 20 Ω occurs when VGS = 3.0V. As VGS approaches the pinch-off voltage of 7.5V, RDS rapidly increases to the maximum value or RDS = 50 Ω.


Summary of Features:


LS26VNS (N-Channel Single)


  • RDS(on) 14-38ohms

  • BVgss 30 Volts

  • TO-92 3L, SOT-23 3L, DFN 8L, Bare Die


LS26VPS (P-Channel Single)


  • RDS(on) 20-50 ohms

  • BVgss 30 Volts

  • TO-92 3L, SOT-23 3L, DFN 8L, Bare Die




  • Variable Gain Controls

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillators

  • Signal Attenuators

  • Musical Effects Applications

  • Adaptive Analog Filters

  • Automatic Gain Control Circuits

  • Clock Generators

  • Compressors

  • Electrometers

  • Energy Harvesters

  • Expanders

  • Hearing Aids

  • Light Dimmers

  • Modulators

  • Mixers

  • Artificial Neural Networks

  • Programmable Gain Amplifiers

  • Phased Arrays

  • Phase Lock Loops

  • Phase Controlled Dimming Circuits

  • Phase Delay and Advance Circuits

  • Tunable Filters

  • Variable Attenuators

  • Voltage Controlled Multivibrators

  • Waveform Generators


Price: 1,000+ pieces of the LS26VNS in the TO-92 3L, SOT-23 3L and DFN 8L packages are $1.23 (USD) each.  1,000+ pieces of the LS26VPS in the TO-92 3L, SOT-23 3L and DFN 8L packages are also $1.23 (USD) each.Availability: Production quantities available now.Delivery: Factory stock to 8 weeks. 

This product line is supported by an application note, datasheets and SPICE models. 


  • For the application note, please click:

Voltage Controlled Resistor Application Note

  • For the datasheets please click:

LS26VNS Datasheet and LS26VPS Datasheet

  • For the SPICE Models please click:



Linear Systems is a full-service, privately-held, 32-year-old designer and manufacturer of small-signal discrete semiconductors. The Fremont, CA-based company was founded by John H. Hall, co-founder of Intersil and founder of Micro Power Systems.


Linear Systems' product line consists of: Ultra-Low-Noise N-Channel and P-Channel Dual and Single JFETs, High-Speed Lateral DMOS Switches, Bipolar Transistors, BIFET Amplifiers, Current-Regulating Diodes, Low-Leakage Diodes, MOSFETs, PhotoFETS, and Voltage-Controlled Resistors. Datasheets, applications notes, SPICE models and other information can be downloaded at

For More Information:  Call Linear Systems toll free phone number: (800) 359-4023, regular business line: (510) 490-9160, fax: (510) 353-0261, email:, or visit us on our website at

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