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Largest Digital Camera

Mar 17, 2023

Engineering the World’s Largest Digital Camera

Largest Digital Camera

Big Science Project using Linear Systems' JFETs Advances

SLAC's Large Scale Synoptic Telescope uses 2,000 Linear Systems LSK489 JFETs!

The Large Scale Synoptic Telescope (LSST), which uses 2,000 Linear Systems LSK489 JFETs in its front-end amplification stage, is assembling what will be the world's largest camera when completed.  This article describes the part of the project that includes our semiconductors:

Engineering the world’s largest digital camera | symmetry magazine

A game of ‘Operation’ “When you consider a project this complex, you can’t just dive in and say ‘Here, I’m going to design and build this in one shot,’ right?” says Tim Bond, head of the LSST Camera Integration and Test team at SLAC.

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