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Burning Amp Festival

Mar 17, 2023

Burning Amp Festival - A DIY Audio Gathering

Burning Amp Festival

Every year Linear Systems sponsors one of the audio industry’s best-regarded DIY amplifier design, display and discussion events, Burning Amp Festival.  Here audio enthusiasts enjoy sharing their displays and demonstrations of incredible audio projects, and talk-shop with renowned industry leaders.  Speakers such as audio legend Nelson Pass, take the stage to discuss recent projects and engage with the crowd in a Q&A session.  It’s no wonder Burning Amp continually attracts audio DIYers from around the world!

Burning Amp typically takes place in late October/early November.  In past years the event has been held at various locations throughout the Bay Area, such as Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA.  Due to COVID-19, this year’s event is cancelled, but we look forward with great anticipation to the Burning Amp Festival 2021.Interested in presentations from past years speakers? Visit our YouTube

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