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App Note by Dimitri Danyuk

Mar 17, 2023

Headphone Amplifier Evaluation Board

Linear Integrated Systems headphone amplifier evaluation board is a complete, low-power stereo audio amplifier for high-fidelity line-level output and headphone applications. It consists of Linear Integrated Systems JFETs along with a number of other parts mounted on a circuit board.

Linear Integrated Systems headphone amplifier evaluation board includes the following features:

  • Stereo, single ended input and single ended output

  • 400 mW output power into 100Ω

  • Wide frequency response (10Hz?200kHz; ?1dB)

  • Voltage gain 5 (14dB)

  • Low distortion (THD+N is less than 1% at 10Hz?20kHz at 5Vrms into 100Ω and less than 0.1% from 10 Hz to 20 kHz at 1Vrms into 100Ω load)

  • Short circuit protection

  • Pop reduction (slow start) circuit

  • Defeatable cross feed circuit

  • Volume control

  • Overvoltage and reverse polarity power protection

  • Audio input and output connections: left and right RCA phono jack inputs, ¼” stereo phone jack output

  • External 9V–16V supply input

  • External power supply connector: power jack, inside diameter 2.1mm, outside diameter 5.5mm

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