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The LSJ/SST94 Single, Ultra-Low noise, P-Channel JFET Amplifier is a direct replacement for the Toshiba 2SJ94. It is ideal for Ultra-Low Noise Audio/Acoustic Applications. Available in the TO-92 3L RoHS, SOT-89 3L RoHS, as well as in die form.

Advanced screening options are available for our diverse product lineup, featuring JFETS, Bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, current regulators, and Diodes. Our special screening covers all the parameters listed in the standard datasheet, including comprehensive package pin-out.


Connect with our experienced technical team to discuss your specific needs and tailor your requirements—email us at or call (510) 490-9160. MOQ applies to these specialized services.

Ordering Information:

Below are the options you have when ordering this part series:

  • LSJ94 TO-92 3L RoHS

  • SST94 SOT-23 3L RoHS

  • LSJ94 Die

Spice Model
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