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J/SST/U308 Series


The J/SST/U308 Series Single, High Frequency, N-Channel JFET Amplifier is a direct replacement for the Fairchild, NXP and Siliconix-Vishay equivalent part. It is ideal for High Frequency Applications. The series is available in the TO-92 3L RoHS, TO-18 3L RoHS and SOT-23 3L RoHS package, as well as in die form. All Linear Systems devices are available with special testing to customer specifications.

Ordering Information:

Below are the options you have when ordering this part series:

  • J308 TO-92 3L RoHS

  • J309 TO-92 3L RoHS

  • J310 TO-92 3L RoHS

  • U308 TO-18 3L RoHS

  • U309 TO-18 3L RoHS

  • U310 TO-18 3L RoHS

  • SST308 SOT-23 3L RoHS

  • SST309 SOT-23 3L RoHS

  • SST310 SOT-23 3L RoHS

  • U308 Die

  • U309 Die

  • U310 Die

Spice Model
Application Notes
J/SST/U308 Series
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