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LSK389 Series


The LSK389A, B, C and D grades of high performance monolithic dual JFETs feature extremely low noise, tight offset voltage and low drift over temperature specifications, and is targeted for use in a wide range of precision instrumentation applications. This series has a wide selection of offset and drift specifications. This high-performance, ultra-low-noise dual N-Channel JFET amplifier is the only 100-percent noise tested JFET available and provides the optimal balance between very low noise (en =1.3nV/√Hz) and input capacitance (Ciss = 25pF). Available in TO-71 6L, SOIC 8L, as well as die form. All devices are available with special testing to customer specifications.

Ordering Information

Below are the options you have when ordering this part series:

  • LSK389A TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LSK389B TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LSK389C TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LSK389D TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LSK389A SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LSK389B SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LSK389C SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LSK389D SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LSK389A Die

  • LSK389B Die

  • LSK389C Die

  • LSK389D Die

Application Notes
LSK389 Series
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