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LS350 Series


The LS350 Series, Tight Matching, Monolithic Dual, PNP Transistor is a direct replacement for the Analog Devices MAT series and Micro Power Systems MP350, MP351, and MP352 Series. It is ideal for Tight Matching, Small Signal, Transistors Amplifier & Switching Applications. It is available the in TO-71 6L, TO-78 6L, PDIP 8L, SOIC 8L, SOT-23 6L and DFN 8L package, as well as bare die. All Linear Systems devices are available with special testing to customer specification.

Ordering Information

Below are the options you have when ordering this part series:

  • LS350 TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LS351 TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LS352 TO-71 6L RoHS

  • LS350 TO-78 6L RoHS

  • LS351 TO-78 6L RoHS

  • LS352 TO-78 6L RoHS

  • LS350 PDIP 8L RoHS

  • LS351 PDIP 8L RoHS

  • LS352 PDIP 8L RoHS

  • LS350 SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LS351 SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LS352 SOIC 8L RoHS

  • LS350 SOT-23 6L RoHS

  • LS351 SOT-23 6L RoHS

  • LS352 SOT-23 6L RoHS

  • 351 DFN 8L RoHS

  • 352 DFN 8L RoHS

  • 353 DFN 8L RoHS

  • LS350 Die

  • LS351 Die

  • LS352 Die

Application Notes
LS350 Series
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