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World-Class Products Start With World-Class Parts

Linear Systems has designed, manufactured and distributed the best specialty semiconductors in their respective classes since 1987. Working in three Silicon Valley fabrication facilities, our components are world leaders in applications ranging from military underwater listening to the largest space telescope camera in existence. Grammy-winning musicians rely on microphones using our components, and some of the best audio gear in existence rely on our parts to hear this music. Systems ranging from airliners to spacecrafts base their sensors on our semiconductors. Our staff is committed to producing the best parts and ensuring the right ones arrive on time, every time.

Speed & Security

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With the Right Chip, Great Things Can Happen

Linear Systems’ components are usually at the very front end of a system, a critical position in any circuit. Our ultra-low-noise amplification and high common-mode rejection ration (in our dual components) enable designers to create the lowest-noise signal chains possible. In applications ranging from military underwater listening to recording studio microphones, our specialty semiconductors provide the best possible design solution. JFET Amplifiers

Our Leading Products

Our leading products are the LSK series of ultra-low-noise N-Channel monolithic dual and single JFETs such as the LSK389 and the LSK170 that are designed into the world’s most demanding applications. Our LS series of low-noise N-Channel monolithic dual and single JFETs provide extraordinary performance at consumer-market prices. We also produce a large line of high-performance standard JFET products sold under the Improved Standard Products.

Our line of high-speed lateral DMOS switches are the best-performing devices of their type. These include single and quad nanosecond switches, with and without protection diodes.

The Linear Systems PAD/JPAD/SSTPAD series of extremely low-leakage diodes provides a superior alternative to other diodes when reverse current must be minimized and design engineers are seeking protect circuit input sections from over-current and over-voltage conditions. We feature leakage currents ranging from -1 pA (PAD1) to -100 pA (SSTPAD100) to support a wide range of applications. Op-amps, ADC analog inputs, analog multiplexers, and [RS485] line receivers represent classes of devices that need protection.

The SST500 series of is a family of current-regulating diodes designed for demanding applications in test equipment, medical devices and instrumentation. These devices use JFET techniques to produce parts that are extremely simple to incorporate into circuit designs.

Voltage Controlled Resistor

Linear Systems’ ultra-low-noise and low-noise JFETs are the result of decades of focused R&D. Our lithography and fabrication techniques provide not only noise performance, but also low Idss and other important parametric conformance. Our dual JFETs are tightly matching over temperature ranges for high common mode noise rejection. Electrical selections of these parts are available.

JFET Switch

Linear Systems’ low-leakage picoamp diodes (PADs) and current-regulating diodes provide options when design engineers must protect the input section from over-current and over-voltage conditions. We provide these components in a wide range of electrical characteristics and packages.

JFET Amplifier Dual

The Linear Systems family of DMOS devices is designed to handle a wide range of video, fast ATE, telecom and other analog switching applications. These components are capable of ultrafast switching speeds (tr = 1 ns, tOFF = 3 ns) and excellent transient response. Thanks to reduced parasitic capacitances, our DMOS can handle wideband signals with high off-isolation and minimum crosstalk.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Linear Systems provides components and technical support to world-class designers enabling them to make world-class products. We fabricate and hold in inventory large quantities of wafers to minimize or eliminate supply chain risk for our production partners. Since 1987, we’ve established a world-class reputation for making sure the right parts get built and delivered on time, every time.

Louder than Liftoff
Lauten Audio
Power Amp Design
LB Audio

Explore Our Products

Linear Systems’ small-signal discrete components provide the basis for thousands of world-class designs. Please click below to see the full range of specialty semiconductors we provide.

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