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John H. Hall

Mar 17, 2023

In Remembrance of Linear Systems' Founder

John H. Hall

FREMONT, CA - Linear Systems, Inc., a California developer and manufacturer of small-signal discrete semiconductors, announced the passing of its founder and CEO, John H. Hall. Hall was a pioneer in the development of low power CMOS integrated circuits. He founded or co-founded multiple innovative Silicon Valley companies, including Intersil, MicroPower Systems, and Integrated Wave Technologies, Inc., in addition to Linear Integrated Systems.

Over the course of his career, Hall received 21 patents covering advanced semiconductor processes and designs. Hall was a protégé of Dr. Jean Hoerni, one of the "Traitorous Eight" who left Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory and co-founded rival Fairchild Semiconductor. In turn, many of Hall's former employees such as David Fullagar went on to become major Silicon Valley contributors.

"John's professional contributions over a 60-year career were matched only by his generosity toward the people around him," said Timothy S. McCune, a longtime employee. "He is greatly missed by his family and friends."

In accordance with Hall's wishes that Linear Integrated Systems continue its work as a world-class developer and producer of specialized discrete semiconductors, the company's shareholders selected new officers. They are:


  • Chairman of the Board John Michael Hall

John Michael Hall is a 40-year Silicon Valley veteran with experience in all aspects of fabrication, testing and production. Hall began his career as a fabrication engineer at MicroPower Systems in 1974. Hall became an expert in areas including thin-film resistor and molybdenum-gate manufacturing. In the mid-1980s, Hall was the project lead for setting up new manufacturing facilities for Japan’s Seiko NPC Corporation and other companies.

In 1986 Hall co-founded Linear Integrated Systems, Inc., with Silicon Valley legend John H. Hall, serving most recently as vice president for manufacturing. As head of Linear’s manufacturing operations, he has led a variety of complex IC and discrete device production efforts, including most recently the company’s family of ultra-low-noise N-channel and P-channel JFETs. He will continue overseeing manufacturing in addition to becoming the chairman of the board.


  • Chief Executive Officer Cindy L. Johnson

Cindy L. Johnson has 37 years of Silicon Valley experience, starting her career with MicroPower Systems in 1977. Johnson began her career working for John H. Hall at Micro Power Systems and in 1986 was a co-founder of Linear Integrated Systems, Inc. Johnson has served as general manager and chief financial officer (CFO) of Linear and will continue as CFO in addition to assuming the position of CEO.


  • President Timothy S. McCune

Timothy S. McCune has over 25 years of management and technology development experience. McCune previously was president of Integrated Wave Technologies, Inc., beginning in 2004, with the company being named in 2008 the 200th Fastest Growing in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine. Previously, he was principal analyst with a defense engineering consulting company. A former Washington, D.C.-based journalist, he holds an MBA from George Mason University and a BA cum laude from Washington and Lee University.

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